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  • Partnerships with US Institutions


Boasting of a combined two decades of experience among its staff, The Student Advisor is well equipped to assist local institutions wishing to establish partnerships with US institutions. This could be in the form of exchange programs, continuation agreements, and more!

  • Assisting Students to apply abroad


Students can benefit from furthering their studies in a US institution, just as U.S> institutions benefit from having students from Cameroon on their campuses. A well-organized program for applying to can not only make your institution more attractive to prospective students, but it prevents your students from falling prey to malicious individuals and/or institutions who might lead them astray. 

Please reach out to us by email at 

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US Institutions:

The Student Advisor can facilitate the operations of U.S institutions by providing the following services:

-    Prospective Student Interview


We can meet with prospective students in-country and conduct an interview on behalf of your institution. If necessary, footage of the interview can be sent to your institution for your evaluation. 

-    Country Visit


Are you interested in organizing a recruitment trip to Cameroon? It’s much simpler with The Student Advisor! We can set up school visits, prepare prospective students, and facilitate any rentals. All you have to do is show up!

-    Liaise with Local Institutions


If you are thinking about establishing partnerships such as exchange programs with local institutions or if you need to verify information you received from a student, The Student Advisor can make this a breeze. Let us help you!

Please reach out to us by email at 

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High Schools and Institutions of higher learning are not our only partners. If you are a higher education stakeholder – Government official, software provider, test provider or other, please do not hesitate to reach out and let us know how we can help each other. 

Reach us by email at

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